Service Delivery Automation Platform (SDAP) for Streamlined Infrastructure Provisioning

SDAP is a highly configurable ITSM tool, enabling product and service provisioning across the lifecycle, from order placement through order fulfillment. It provides an end-to-end view of the request management process and meets the needs of three primary user and stakeholder groups: 1) Requestors, who place orders; Engineering Team Members, who take all required actions to act on those orders; and 3) Managers, who approve orders and utilize reports to monitor progress.  SDAP leverages SharePoint and can be modified to use Open Source platforms (e.g., Apache, Linux). For one client, SDAP resulted in an increase in monthly server requests from 40 to >400, monthly server builds from 480 to 5,500, and VM server provisioning from a 12 day average to 1.5 days.


  • Web Portal Storefront
  • User Profile Creation
  • Drag and Drop Pre-Defined and Ad Hoc Workflow Creation
  • Built-in Product or Service Delivery Time Estimates
  • AD Integration
  • Requestor, Engineering, and Management Dashboards
  • Work Queues and Daily Notifications of Engineering Team Tasks
  • Report Generation and Scheduling
  • Messaging Between Users
  • Alerts About SLA Performance Deficiencies
  • Analytics to Track Delivery, Performance, and Resource Allocation
  • Integration with Other ITSM Systems


  • Transparency: SDAP users can view request status for every step in the process.
  • Accountability: Users have clear visibility into who is responsible for completing tasks.
  • Process Improvements: Metric, reports and analytics expose business process bottlenecks to improve.
  • Efficiencies and Cost Reductions: Automation accelerates delivery and reduces staff time allocated to otherwise manual activities.

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