Root cause analysis, DevOps, SecOps — there’s nothing we can’t handle in supporting your IT mission.

Network Engineering

Sev1Tech delivers industry experts to engineer, implement, maintain, and refresh complex and mission-critical networks for both Federal and commercial customers. Our services frequently include troubleshooting, root-cause analysis, network service request management, network modernization, and more. We can reduce escalations, enable real-time status updates, and improve incident resolution times, all while maximizing the functionality of existing tools.

Technology Modernization & Optimization

Transforming into an organization that effectively delivers services aligned with mission or business goals requires striking a balance between investment in technology and optimizing costs. Our team provides expertise to integrate or optimize technology at the right time – within budget constraints – while ensuring alignment with business objectives.


Our virtualization capabilities provide customers with solutions that offer efficient, low cost, highly-available IT infrastructures. Providing services across the lifecycle, from strategy through to operations and improvement, we help build, configure, manage, and optimize your infrastructure.

Enterprise Network Architecture

Sev1Tech delivers industry experts to architect, standardize and refresh complex and mission critical networks for both Federal and commercial customers. Using trusted and up-to-date network topography and configurations, along with our requirements-driven approach, we deliver SELC-managed detailed design documentation artifacts and robust, standardized, and modern architectures (cloud/hybrid) that utilize your existing technologies wherever possible.


Market Research

Researching fast-changing technological industries requires a company with experience as well as past performance in researching new technologies and understanding of how they underpin the success of an organization. Sev1Tech uses market research continuously to further the effectiveness of its customers and leverages this data to make informed strategic decisions. We bring professionals with 20+ years of experience that understand trends in traditional and disruptive technologies and use that experience to introduce cost-efficient and operationally effective technologies to federal and commercial customers (e.g., NetScout).

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