Business Value Through Operational Intelligence: CSTAT

A web-based Operational Intelligence Portal, CSTAT is included as part of our Managed Services, supporting Cloud as well as On-Prem hosting environments by gathering data from multiple sources and making it available in a single dashboard accessed via role-based authentication. It provides real-time transparency into important metrics on application and supporting infrastructure performance and utilization, with reporting and other features reflecting the business value of products and services we provide.


  • Server and network status
  • Historical resource utilization metrics
  • Security patching status
  • Alerting and maintenance notifications
  • SOPs and guidelines
  • Customer profile information
  • Certificate expirations information
  • Self-service and on-demand chat options
  • Calendar of important dates
  • SLA uptime and utilization reports


  • Compliance – Provides FISMA and NIST compliant visibility tools for infrastructure audit and accountability.
  • Monitoring – Real-time metrics on health and utilization of compute resources. Integration of alerts and reporting.
  • Usage Visibility – Enables awareness, reporting, and proactive response.
  • Policy – Delivers a comprehensive, proprietary collection with configurable security checks to ensure proper configuration and compliance across accounts, departments, and agencies. Actionable reports and alerts provide recommendations to mitigate risks.

Future Releases and Enhancements

  • Application User Tracking and Reporting
  • Interactive Customer Communications, including real-time Chat
  • AWS CloudWatch Integration and Metrics
  • Self Service Password Resets
  • Customer Initiated Server Snapshot Scheduling
  • Enterprise Backup integration for immediate data restores
  • Server load testing integration

CSTAT Marketing Materials and Brochures



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