The name of Sev1Tech’s “Blue Folder” tool is based on the physical blue folder that is commonly used by Federal organizations to hold all Acquisition Decision Memos, Program Documents, Transmittal Memos and other important routing correspondence documents. Blue Folder Tracker has automated the manual tasks associated with passing a blue folder from one stakeholder to another. It provides an electronic routing process for any document that requires multiple reviews and inputs and eventual management approval or signature.

Features and Benefits

  • Blue Folder Tracker is an innovative approach to draft, track, edit, and approve documentation
  • It works as an online tracking tool that supports users in reviewing, commenting on, and approving documents all through workflow automation
  • Users are able to monitor document packages as they go through the lifecycle of communications editing to executive director approval; This feature increases collaboration and transparency of the document package so all stakeholders understand where the document package is at any given moment in the process
  • Blue Folder Tracker has helped organizations improve document approval time and decrease the number of days it takes for a document to go through various authors and reviewers. For example, at the DHS PARM office, it reduced document approval turnaround time from 14 to 2 days
  • All document package statuses are tracked via online dashboards so that no package is lost or misplaced; Dashboards ensure real-time status visibility and identifies bottlenecks or slowdowns
  • Status visibility ensures that packages can be monitored from creation through approval
  • This SharePoint-based tool can be easily integrated into the majority of Government agencies networks and systems; It was also built upon out-of-the-box practices and very little coding, which facilitates updates and customizations as needed

How It Works

Blue Folder Tracker allows for an analyst to submit a document package to a team SharePoint library for review, edit, and approval. A ‘blue folder” is then created in the system and the user receives a notification that their package has been submitted for communications review. Next, there are a series of automated emails that will be sent to each member in the approval process starting with communications, to the analyst, functional manager, and finally executive management for signature.

Where is it Being Used?

  • DHS Program Accountability Risk Management (PARM) office
  • Sev1Tech has performed successful demos for FEMA
  • Sev1Tech has performed successful demos for DHS HQ USM Front Office
Blue Folder Tracker

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