Top 5 Ways to Be Happier

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Submitted by: Jessica Turner

Being happy all of the time can seem practically impossible. Maybe you are dealing with a difficult client, maybe you are having relationship issues, or maybe you or someone you love is dealing with health problems. All of these things can be overwhelmingly stressful but they don’t have to keep you from waking up happy every morning.

  1. Resolve to be happy: The very first step towards a happier you is making a conscious decision to be happy. It is too easy to get wrapped up in all of the challenges you are facing in your life. By focusing only on the hardships, you lose sight of all of the good things happening around you. Make the choice to be happy.
  2. Do the things that bring you joy: Everyone has activities that help them to decompress from stresses of their world. Make time to do those things. Whether you do yoga, go for a run, or read a book, find time in your day those activities and make them a priority. Getting wrapped up in a busy life is all too easy to do but you must stop and take time for yourself.
  3. Help someone in need: Research shows that helping someone in need not only makes a difference in their world, but also makes you feel happier. Volunteer with a charity that you feel passionate about. Show a random act of kindness to a stranger. Even something as small as offering to help a coworker complete a task will bring you feelings of happiness.
  4. Take better care of yourself: It is much easier to be happy when you feel good physically. Be sure to get enough sleep. Eat healthier foods. Exercise! Even just a 20-minute walk can lower stress levels and promote happiness.
  5. Surround yourself with happy people: Surrounding yourselves with unhappy people, negative conversations, and gossip will only negatively impact your own happiness. Instead, surround yourself with people that are positive, supportive, and fun. Happiness is contagious.

Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy and do the things that bring you joy.

Take care of yourself physically, help others, and keep positive company. You only get one life to live and if given the choice, wouldn’t you rather spend it happy?

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