Sev1Tech does not forget…still helping in Beaumont, Texas

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Sev1Tech Dedicated to Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims After Initial Storm Impact

October 17th, 2017 Woodbridge VA – Sev1Tech, Inc., a leader in providing IT, engineering, and program management services to government and commercial clients, is proudly providing continued support to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the Beaumont, TX area – now nearly two months after the storm first hit. After an initial donation of nearly $220,000 and support from our Sev1Tech Relief Team the week that the hurricane originally hit, Sev1Tech has partnered with Habitat for Humanity and the Magnolia Missionary Baptist Church to provide continued relief and recovery efforts to those in need of help.

For the past month, Sev1Tech has been sending volunteer recovery teams of 5-6 employees down to the Beaumont, TX area each week to assist Habitat for Humanity and the Magnolia Missionary Baptist Church in restoring homes that were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. The Sev1Tech recovery teams have been largely aiding in clearing broken and flooded debris, drywall, and dirt leftover from the storms. In many homes, the water reached nearly four feet high, which completely ruined most appliances, electrical wiring, flooring, insulation, and furniture. Due to high levels of toxic fumes and mold, our teams had to wear full respirators, thick gloves, and safety goggles at all times in the homes. Once debris and other items were removed, our teams used powerful cleaning supplies to scrub and remove mold and destroy other harmful bacteria. Regardless of the conditions of the homes that our recovery teams worked in, Sev1Tech employees were committed to helping make the houses a better and safer place for the residents living in them.

“When a hurricane first hits, many people are quick to respond and help people in need that have been displaced from their homes due to flooding,” said Bob Lohfeld, CEO of Sev1Tech. “However, after the water recedes and the press dies down, those people are often forgotten and left struggling to make their homes habitable again. It is important to Sev1Tech that we continue to help the people of Beaumont, TX who still do not have a home they can safely live in without fear of mold or bacteria. We are dedicated to making sure that our recovery teams do all that they can to help those in need in this dire time.”

To date, Sev1Tech has donated nearly $300,000 in relief funding and labor to help Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma victims. Follow Sev1Tech on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to keep up with our relief activities.


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