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    Sev1Tech Recognitions

    We are proud of our Sev1Tech team and our accomplishments. Computerworld's 2014 Annual Report ranked Sev1Tech as one of the "Best Places to Work in IT." In addition, Sev1Tech is ranked among the Top 10 in both Retention and Training.

  • Expertise

    Sev1Tech provides a broad range of expertise in Program Management, Engineering, and Information Technology services to both commercial and government customers.

  • Program Management

    Sev1Tech leads large complex programs across a wide range of missions including Acquisition, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Construction, Healthcare, Corporate Relocation, and Geospatial domains.

  • Engineering

    Sev1Tech delivers diverse engineering expertise in specialized construction, energy, maritime, aviation, and geospatial domains.

  • Information Technology

    Sev1Tech continually innovates in IT engineering, defends critical cyber security missions, leads in Microsoft and RedHat virtualization, and optimizes sustainment solutions.

Sev1Tech is one of Washington's fastest growing consulting and engineering companies. Sev1Tech provides program management and acquisition support for the world's toughest challenges, builds some of the nation's most advanced IT systems, and maintains operations for critical infrastructure of the many organizations who keep the country safe and the economy moving forward.